About Us

    Level of Protection

    chart Armormax offers a range of protection to suit your personal needs.

    Peace of Mind

    Shot Ballistic Glass Rest assured that you have the highest protection when faced with extreme situations.

    Quality Production

    Armoring Factory Example Armormax makes sure your vehicle is built with the utmost care.

    Locations All Over the World

    Winkel_triple_projection_SW Visit our other websites to learn about our locations all around the world.

    Armored Vehicles

    We armor a range of high quality vehicles.

    Armormax specializes in armoring of luxury vehicles for world leaders, high profile celebrities and businessmen among other clients. We have a wide range of vehicles that we armor from BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover, and Lexus to name a few.

    Contact Us

    Contact us to get a quote on your specific armoring needs.

    Armormax uses patented, lightweight synthetic armor laminates, molded to fit the vehicle rather than modifying the vehicle. Contact us today to for a quote on what we can offer you on bulletproof cars and conversions. We are based in Johannesburg ( SA) and have locations in Salt Lake City(USA), London(UK) and Subic Bay ( Phillippines).