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Armormax Nigeria

Armormax Nigeria was founded on the basic principle of manufacturing the finest, most technologically advanced armored passenger vehicles in the world.  Armormax is able to create armored passenger vehicles, which are far superior in performance and appearance to the competition.

Armormax (a division of International Armoring Corporation) has years of experience in manufacturing and delivering high-level armored vehicles to every continent in the world. With over 8,000+ vehicles armored,  Armormax prides itself on designing and producing vehicles which give protection to the perceived threat level, maintain the vehicles original appearance and perform as a normal passenger vehicle.  Armormax views its product as a service - realizing it is a very personal experience, and one of utmost importance.

Armormax specializes in the manufacturing of bullet-resistant passenger vehicles for government officials, heads of state, business executives, or any other individual who perceives a threat.  Armormax offers a wide variety of armoring options to fit any need. Armormax is a world leader in the design, and manufacture of both light armored, and fully armored vehicles.  These systems are recognized throughout the industry for quality and reliability.

Who said you can't buy peace of mind?

Our mission is to produce the finest, most technologically advanced bulletproof cars and armored passenger vehicles in the world while giving superior service.

We provide:

  • SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY - Using the most advanced materials and methods available.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY - Maintain the strictest quality control standards in materials used and service performed.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - Exceed client expectations before, during, and after the armoring process.  Customers for life.

Armormax is the developer and manufacturer of the lightest vehicular armor in the industry, and the most efficient transport security solutions in the world. Armormax® products have been fitted to nearly 8,000+ armored vehicles. As well, Armormax® has dedicated numerous manufacturing facilities in multiple countries to their efforts to more effectively deliver bullet proof vehicles to clients on a world scale.

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