Ballistics Protection Levels

There is a lot of confusion surrounding ballistic levels, as various agencies from differing countries have established their own standards, and often for differing ballistic material ( i.e. ballistic vests, ballistic glass, steel etc)

In order to simplify these standards and make the understanding thereof a little easier, we use the European EN 1063 Ballistic standard. We have simplified this further by grouping all calibre's that pass a certain ballistic level together, e.g. BR4 Covers all handgun calibre's up to and including .44 magnum, BR6 Covers all commonly encountered rifle calibre's up to 7.62x51mm. We have analysed the attacks on our and other civilian armoured and non armoured vehicles, and have a good understanding of the potential threat levels and what armour level is needed to defeat these threats.


Level BR4 covers all the handgun calibre's likely to be encountered in general crime and hijacking scenarios. Handguns are commonly used due to the ease with which they can be concealed. Take a look at the following link which clearly illustrates this: ( Click here to watch )

Level BR6 covers the most commonly used military calibre's. These are used in rifles like the AK 47 ( 7.62X39mm). R4,R5, AR15,M4 ( 5.56X45mm). R1,FN,G3, HK91(7.62x51mm)

Level BR7 is required to stop armour piercing ammunition fired by the above mentioned BR6 rifles. It is generally only required for military or ultra high risk applications.